What are the best ways to lose weight?

What are the best ways to lose weight?

I don’t have any official stats on this, but I believe “losing weight”, “fat loss”, “shredding fat” type of questions represents at least 75% of today’s Internet websites.
 I know I searched for answers to them over and over. Always looking for that edge.

The easy way out. That one magically thing that I can do that will make me lose weight effortlessly. That secret that only I knew. That way, I would be the first to each my goal before anybody else! Like some sort of alchemist.

I came close! Oh so close! I’ve discovered many ways. From CrossFit, Intermittent Fasting to the South Beach diet (remember that?). They all make promises that you will lose weight, easy and fast!

Some of these are true. Mostly are over-hyped.

And then one day, while I was searching the Internet for the latest and greatest secret. I fell unto this quote by Jim Rohn.

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” -Jim Rohn

Basic fundamentals. Let me repeat, BASIC FUNDAMENTALS.

The best way to lose weight is simple. Eating less than our bodies consume. Calories in and calories out. In fact, if you watch your caloric intake, meaning you burn more than you consume, you will lose weight. And all this without even exercising! There are lots of good advice out there and lots of experts. But the simplest way to lose weight is to consume less food than your body requires. This and only this will help you lose weight. Yes, you can HIIT, or P90X or lift heavy tractor tires. All of those work, up to a certain point. But if you still eat more calories than you consume, you will never lose weight.

My suggestion is to determine your daily caloric intake (there are many online calculators available, google it) Once you found your daily intake, subtract 500 calories from that number. And that number will be the max calories you should eat. Let’s say your number is 2000 Cal/day. 2000–1500 = 1500 Cal/Day. That’s the maximum calories you will need to eat to successfully lose weight. How you split the 1500 Cal/Day doesn’t really matter. You can eat 3 different 500 Cals. Meals a day or 2 750 meals. Or 1 of 1000 and the other of 500. It doesn’t really matter as long as you don’t surpass 1500 calories.

My point is there’s lots of information out there. Lots of it good. Mostly bad. And a lot of marketing. (Lots and lots of marketing) I can honestly tell you that I’ve tried everything. Some of it works, others not. But the moment I surpassed my daily requirement, I didn’t lose weight. When I did (and I did it consistently) I lost weight.
 I hope this helps and thanks for reading.

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 If you’re stubborn and really want a detailed plan. Follow this.

  • Eat only: Meat, fish, chicken, eggs, a little bit of nuts & fruits and a boatload of veggies.
  • Stay away: from everything else. Dairy, sugars, simple carbs (cookies, pasta bread etc.)
  • Exercise: Lift heavy 3 days a week (squat, deadlift and bench press)
  • Cardio: A daily 1 hour walk. (Everyday!)

Do this consistently every day for 3 months and you’ll be a completely new person.

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